Upcoming Hikes
Hike programs cover a four month period and are published in October, February and June.
Every two weeks the upcoming hikes are updated below for ease of reference.
Important notes:
Leaders MUST be contacted before hikes, especially during winter. Hikes may be cancelled due to weather and leaders need to know who to contact if there are cancellations.
Times - The times indicated in the hiking program are the times that the hikes start/leave from the meeting place.  Please be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the starting time to allow for enough time to sign in etc.  The leader may choose to wait 5 minutes for late comers, but more than this is not fair to the hikers that did arrive on time.
Visitors - The club welcomes visitors to join any of our hikes. We request that you make contact with the leader who will advise you on the suitability of the hike based on your fitness level.  Generally, the Saturday Hikes are easier and suited to beginners, whilst Sunday hikes are more strenuous. Visitors to any of our hikes are asked to offer a nominal donation to the club. Currently the amount asked is R20 per visitor.
Hiker Feedback

Saturday, 17 March 2018 
#05 Judas Cave
Meet: 8:30 AM at Ruyteplaats
Hike details: A recce hike to the cave but interesting nevertheless. Distance: 5 - 8 km
3-4 Hours
Glenda Doller
078 292 2477 or 021 794 5989
Sunday, 18 March 2018 
#06 Constantiaberg
Meet: 8:00 AM at Silvermine dam parking area. Wild card or R50 entrance fee required
Hike details: We will hike from the parking area to the lookout point above Blackburn Ravine and from there ascend the path to the top of Constantiaberg . Here we can meander around and enjoy the views and also some thing to eat. We will descend back to the cars via the path passing Elephant's Eye Cave. This hike is usually done the other way round so this should be a whole new experience. Distance: 5 - 8 km
4-5 Hours
Ewen Smith
073 799 9109

Saturday, 24 March 2018 
#07 Chapmans Peak Walk
Meet: 8:30 AM at After the pay point at the  turnaround on Chapmans Peak
Hike details: A pleasant walk with a bit of cardiovascular exercise.  The hike will be followed by a Club picnic (members only); please refer to the newsletter for details. Distance: 5 - 8 km
3-4 hours
Glenda Doller
078 292 2477 or 021 794 5989
Sunday, 25 March 2018 
#08 Devil's Peak via the Zig-Zag
Meet: 8:30 AM at Tafelberg Road Zig-Zag ( beyond the Platteklip start)
Hike details: A scenic route up to Devil's Peak with great views of the city and Table Bay. Plenty of cardio-vascular exercise on the way to conquering the peak. High winds could result in a change of route. Distance: 5 - 8 km
4-5 Hours
Ian Pearce
084 6244 691 or 021 794 5989

Saturday, 31 March 2018 
No hike has been planned due to the Two Oceans Marathon
Sunday, 1 April 2018 
#10 Lions Head Contour Path
Meet: 9:30 AM at Parking area at Kloof Nek
Hike details: An easy walk with stunning views via Signal Hill but this will depend on the group. Dogs with TMNP cards welcome. Rain will not cancel the walk. Distance: Less than 5 km
2-3 Hours
Dogs Allowed
Janet Pittman
078 776 5549 - 021 558 2940

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078 292 2477
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084 624 4691
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072 161 9366
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072 701 5499
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